Road to Riga Interactive Script

THE ROAD TO RIGA is an autobiographical account of the experience I had in Eastern Europe making my last movie. This is the true story of a dream becoming a nightmare -- about how making a film in a romantic foreign environment transitioned into a young director being drugged and held captive by a Kazakh mobster looking for fun.

Serik and Tommy    Latvia, 2017

Serik and Tommy   Latvia, 2017

  • Cut to video of me at my coffee table with friends, pressing stop on the podcast (I just played it for them at my house).
  • I explain the movie version to a luke warm response. They push that maybe Serik wasn't so bad after-all. Opening up the lesson that I need to learn in act 3.
  • They leave and I play a voicemail from Serik while sitting alone in my house. It's 2 weeks old. "Suicide, ayuwaska, etc."
  • I move over to my computer and light a cigarette. Type: "The History of Kazakhstan" -- Horrified face.
  • Tommy grabs the phone and dials Serik's number

Then, a scriptment with imagery and pages, trailers, etc