The Gates


A digital episodic that explores America’s shifting relationships with religion and the media, including the dangerously unchecked influence that celebrities have on their throngs of cult-like-followers who can be connected to their every thought via social platforms.


Late one evening massive squares of blinding light suddenly appear over major cities and remote townships around the globe.

Reports immediately begin flooding news stations and government offices – Thousands of people claiming that their deceased loved ones have returned... but only their immediate family members can see them.

Chaos erupts in metropolitan centers while speculations fly across media outlets and the world attempts to explain what are commonly being referred to as, The Gates.


The first episode takes place entirely inside a network newsroom during a nationally televised interview with CARRIE and JOSH LUCAS, a pair of siblings who claim their father has returned from the dead.

The pilot will be adapted directly from our original short script which can be downloaded at the bottom of this outline, or by CLICKING HERE.


When Carrie Lucas inexplicably returns (one week after disappearing on live television) she becomes an international celebrity overnight and the world looks to her for answers… but Carrie remembers nothing.

Wild speculations circulate: is she Jesus? An alien? A fraud?

Carrie’s brother Josh, serves as her only protector. Initially, the siblings try to hide away at their family home and avoid the media circus waiting outside:

Phones RING OFF THE HOOK                          Messages FLOOD THEIR INBOXES

Media outlets begging for interviews religious leaders looking to discuss her experience business managers trying to leech on the new found fame government officials demanding statements scientists-universities-e-ve-ry-bo-dy...

The overwhelming frenzy reaches a dangerous crescendo when Carrie narrowly escapes an assassination attempt at her home by an evangelical extremist group, claiming that Carrie is a false prophet and the devil incarnate.

Fearing for their lives, the siblings flee the city and head North. Now, Carrie and Josh are on the run, uncertain who to trust.

While hiding out in remote motels along vacant stretches of California highway vague memories from her disappearance slowly come into focus during drama-filled fever dreams.

Throughout their lives Josh and Carrie have been so close that occasionally even their dreams have been connected. But since her return, Josh has increasingly fallen asleep and found himself inside Carrie’s thoughts, her nightmares, her prophecies... like a fly on the wall of her subconscious.

As Carrie starts sharing her discoveries with the world via social media she quickly amasses a reverent following of “believers”. And while she learns to navigate her sleeping visions and this powerful influence over others, Carrie begins to believe that perhaps she really was “chosen” and discovers a perceived ability to see into the future.

But her brother's interpretation of these dreams (for which he is sometimes witness) is drastically different... As Josh tries to keep his sister both safe and sane, the siblings start to splinter apart.

During a particularly vivid nightmare, Carrie sees a mass shooting taking place at a volatile political rally. Against Josh’s advice she shares her vision with the world. When the mass shooting actually occurs it’s unclear whether her message served as a warning, or the impetus for the heinous crime.

Now Carrie, the only person ever to experience the “after-life”, is caught between factions who worship her and others who are certain she is an abomination. As the world splits at the seams around her, Carrie is forced to face that her destiny may not be a divine one.